AHP’s Day 14th October 2021


The Office of the Chief Allied Health Professions Officer would like to share with you a communications brief and resources that will support you to promote and share about the day within your own organisations. These have now been saved to the resource library of this workspace.

AHP’s Day is a fantastic opportunity to raise the profile of AHPs and the AHP Community, as well as showcase the impact and contribution AHPs make towards compassionate, high quality and person-centred care. 

We encourage you to access the additional AHPs’ Day resources available to you within the AHP’s Day virtual network. Within this space we encourage you to share ideas about your own local and regional plans for AHP’s Day, drawing inspiration from each other and finding opportunities to connect in plans.

Guide for late career AHPs supporting students in practice-based learning

HEE has produced a guide to address the challenges identified in growing additional practice-based learning capacity across health and social care systems and private, voluntary and independent organisations by supporting employers to offer flexibility to those staff that are considering retirement or would like a change in career direction before leaving the health service. Access the guide here.

AHP Implementation guidance for Primary Care

The dedicated link which includes the job description worked on with each professional body can be found here.

The guidance includes:

  • Employment options within the DES ARRS
  • example job descriptions
  • potential areas of focus for the professions in relation to
  • Training requirements and expected skill sets aligned to the publications from Health Education England including Profession specific roadmaps

Visit our Placements page here.